[WWIV/X Information]


What It Is

WWIV/X 4.25 is a port of WWIV 4.24a for DOS to the Linux platform with additional code from WWIV 4.30 for DOS. It is based on the same code as WWIV for DOS, and significant portions of the code have remained intact. Eventually, we hope to integrate the new features of WWIV 4.30 into WWIV/X, but no timeline for that has been established.


Here is an incomplete list of the main features of WWIV/X:

  • Most of the major features of WWIV 4.24 (Does not have RIP or QWK).
  • Very small resource usage. Extremely light on memory and CPU.
  • Compatable with Telnet and Secure Shell.
  • 64-characters filenames in Transfer Section (No spaces).
  • Unlimited number of message areas and transfer directories.
  • External protocols for upload and download.
  • Can use virtually any Linux program as a door.
  • Mostly data-compatable with WWIV 4.24 for DOS (filenames case may need to be fixed).
  • Multi-line text editor with quoting.
  • Runs as a user, does not compromise server security.
System Requirements

The following is a short list of system requirements and recommendations for running WWIV/X.

  • Intel x86 machine with at least 8mb RAM.
    (Recommended: 486dx33 with 16mb for a dedicated BBS machine).
    Non-Intel computers have not been tested.
  • Linux 2.2.x or later
    (Recommended: 2.2.14)
    Linux 2.3.x should work, but is not extensively tested. Linux 2.0 is not compatible with WWIV/X 0.8.0 or later.
  • GlibC 2.0 or 2.1.
    (LibC 5 is not tested.)
  • Ncurses 4 or 5.
  • WWIV/X has been tested on RedHat 5.2 (With upgrades to kernel 2.2), RedHat 6.1, and Slackware using glibc 2.1. Anyone running another distribution of Linux is encouraged to participate and report bugs.

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