[History of WWIV/X]



1989 - WWIV 4.0 is released. This is the first version of WWIV written in C. The WWIV license is re-written as a shareware license and registered WWIV users are granted free upgrades for the life of the 4.x line and limited source code access including the right to make modifications and distribute them to other registered WWIV SysOps.

1991-1995 - BBS usage soars. BBS's explode from single-line hobbies to large multi-line enterprises. BBS densities as high as 100 per area code are common. ANSI artwork grows and becomes its own "scene" with regular artpack releases by the various groups. DOS is king and Turbo Pascal is in wide usage among BBS coders. WWIV goes multi-line and multi-tasker friendly.

1995 - WWIV 4.24 and 4.24a are released. The Internet begins its meteoric rise in usage, drawing many BBS callers away. WWIV development essentially stops.

1997 - Origional WWIV/X project begins. It is not a port of the DOS code base, but a new code base written in C++ that is made to look like WWIV. Development slows and stops before any release can be made. Unrelated, development of second WWIV/X project begins. This is actually a port of the DOS codebase to Linux.

1998 - WWIV is sold by the origional author. A new development team is gathered and work on WWIV 4.30 begins. Frustrated by lack of communication with WWIV/X developers, Knight Walker begins separate WWIV port to Linux.

1999, January - After the demise of the dynamic DNS service ml.org, the origional developer of WWIV/X passes control of the project to Knight Walker.

1999, February - Two WWIV for Linux projects merged into current WWIV/X project.

1999, March - September - WWIV/X progress slow, but changes made. Last bugs in transfer section squashed.

1999, October 31 - WWIV/X first alpha release ("Spooky Doom") announced. Alpha testors begin pounding on the software.

2000, March 22 - WWIV/X third alpha release announced. Alpha testors continue pounding on the software.

2000, December 24 - WWIV/X first public beta release ("Silent Night") announced.

2001, May 15 - WWIV/X second public beta release ("Bullet Resistant") announced.

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