[WWIV/X News]



[05/15/01] - Newest and least buggy version of WWIV/X is now officially out, version 0.8.1 ("Bullet Resistant"). Changes include: all known show-stopper bugs strangled, support for door32.sys dropfiles, and the beginnings of network message passing (i.e. WWIVnet). Go get it.

[12/24/00] - Just in time for Christmas, WWIV/X 0.8.0 (e.g. "Silent Night") beta is posted. Head to the downloads to get it.

[11/25/00] - The mailing lists at neonshadow.net are offline due to a massive software collapse. We'll let you know when they're back up.

[3/20/00] - New alpha (0.7.3) released. More bugs fixed. No more segfault-causing problems known.

[12/21/99] - Status page updated with more information on the progress of the various WWIV/X projects.

[12/14/99] - Alpha testing is expanded with an announcement on alt.bbs.wwiv. A few minor bugs are fixed.

[11/07/99] - New alpha (0.7.1) of WWIV/X is released. Several bugs fixed, primarily in the xfer section.

[11/04/99] - WWIV/X now has mailing lists provided generously by Glassman. For all those interested, you can now suscribe to the WWIV/X Announce mailing list by sending the message "subscribe wwivx-announce" to listserv@neonshadow.net. The subject of the message is ignored.

[10/31/99] - Appropriately enough, on Halloween, the first unstable alpha of WWIV/X ("The Alpha of Spooky Doom") (0.7.0) was released upon the world. Here is a list of the features:

  • Message reading and posting works. E-mail reading, writing, and posting works.
  • File list works. Listing files does seem to work, but there's an ugly bug in the upload code that keeps finding the same files while ignoring other files in the same directory.
  • Batch file list works. There was a legacy structure in there which were causing the BBS to crash when listing the batch.
  • The basics for uploading and downloading files is in place. There is still a problem with downloading batches of files, but that should be fixed soon.

We are looking for alpha testers for this release. If you are interested in alpha testing WWIV/X, contact either Knight Walker or Demoneyes with your WWIV 4.x registration information. Once cleared, you will be sent an alpha copy of WWIV/X to install, beat on, and report bugs for.

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